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Do You Want To Prevent Jerks, Creeps, and Intruders From Entering Your Private Space?


Get the Deadbolt Cloak ©    … JERK GUARD …and Protect Yourself Against Unwanted Intrusions.

This is a really big problem for many people that get continual nuisance intrusions from people that they do not want to see … nor want to see anymore.

You know who we mean … ex-lovers, ex-spouses, ex-boyfriends, ex-girlfriends, ex-“friends,” stalkers, fans, thieves, murderers, rapers, serial killers, people that hate you, social media freaks, unwanted family members, nosey neighbors … and the list just keeps on growing.

These may be people that used to live in your “space” (i.e., home, apartment, etc.) … but you have taken steps to get them out of your life.

But … they may also be other people who just want to get into your space and mess with you because they think they can get away with it … because some change in a law now lets them do whatever that want to (… to you and your life).

Hey. Stuff happens … and the world’s population has tripled since 1940 … from around 2.5 billion to 7.7 billion in 2019.

Sadly, it seems that most of the nutcakes are emerging in America … and they are getting away with stuff by fleeing to “protected” sanctuary cities … because politicians want their votes?!

Our politicians boldly proclaim that No One Is Above The Law … but we all know that is a big, fat lie.

Why? Politicians just move the bar on “the law” so that some people can still get away with all kinds of things to defraud others of their life, liberty, safety, and property.

One example is California’s Proposition 47 … which seems to be “creeping” into all sorts of theft crimes … and right now, thieves can steal up to $950 there without penalty or punishment.

By the way, if you do live in a sanctuary city … be absolutely sure that you do get this portable door-security device called Deadbolt Cloak ©   … your freedoms may be reduced where others seem to be getting more “freedoms” to deprive you of something you have.

The best thing to do is to change all of your locks, deadbolts, or … just move somewhere else if you can afford it … but that might result in making things worse somewhere else.

But,  you should still use the Deadbolt Cloak ©   because thieves may still be able to use “sneaky tricks” to get into your space without your permission.

Former residents may give you their copy of the keys … but they may have made duplicates.

However, there are still many other clever ways that someone can sneak back into your living space when you are there … and you do not want them inside.

Have you noticed the “permissible crime exclusions” that have crept into criminal laws?

Beware of  “the law” … because politicians may allow exclusions that will gain them votes … and as long as a criminal act did not result in your death, you should be happy!?

Laws are becoming so lenient that crooks may one day be able to break into your “private space” … and make you pack up all the stuff they want … and then walk out laughing at you because they were “kind enough” not to kill you on the spot.

For example, some people learn … or become clever enough … to get back inside your living place with such things as:

  • Bump Keys
  • Copy of your keys
  • Lock Picks (any kind)
  • Master Keys
  • Screw Drivers
  • Electronic Digital Key Codes
  • Pass Key Cards


We originally valued this portable Deadbolt Cloak ©   door security device at $59.95 because of its very large worldwide application … and scarcity of the proper device materials.

However, we discovered that many who need this protection the most are the ones who can least afford to pay that price … even though, protection and security are priceless at any cost.

So, then… we discounted the price to only $19.95 each.

Then, we thought, “What if they have two doors with deadbolts … like a front door and a back door?”

Realizing that was probably true for most people … we added a Deadbolt Cloak ©  strap for FREE.

But … still thinking, we thought a little more, “What if they put a Deadbolt Cloak ©   on the front and back doors … and then leave through an attached garage door.

That means that they will not have a Deadbolt Cloak ©   left if they are going on vacation and staying in a motel or hotel … somewhere else in the world.

So, then we added another Deadbolt Cloak ©  strap for FREE … and now … everyone will get two additional FREE Deadbolt Cloak ©  .

We thought some more and asked ourselves if there was anything else we could do to help people save money and still be able to get the Deadbolt Cloak ©   (three of them!).

It occurred to us that some vendors often rake in more cash by charging “extra” on the shipping and handling (i.e., $4.95, $5.95, $9.95, etc.).

We agreed, “Let’s go one step further … and just ship these three Deadbolt Cloak ©  in the USA for FREE!”

So, the customer will not have to pay for shipping and handling fees anywhere in the USA.

OK, then, what is the final offer? What is each customer paying and receiving?

  • One Deadbolt Cloak ©   ($19.95)
  • Two FREE Deadbolt Cloak ©   (no charge)
  • Shipping & handling (about $9.95) anywhere in the USA (FREE)
  • Original value about $190.oo for everything with S&H included.

So, then, the Total Charge for all THREE Deadbolt Cloak ©   … only $19.95 … and FREE Shipping and Handling anywhere in the USA.

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To comply with Safety Guidelines for Covid-19 and germ transmissions … this product is guaranteed to be Brand-New … and never used by anyone else because we cannot accept returns.

We do not offer a money-back guarantee on orders with free products and free shipping … BUT … we are adding Two Free Deadbolt Guards and FREE Shipping and Handling anywhere in the USA  with this offer.

We use it, and we know it works world-wide when used as described  in homes, apartments, hotels, motels or wherever a deadbolt is used … and it has hundreds of other applications in addition to securing a deadbolt lock.

In order to get a replacement for a lost or damaged product shipment … just send us your name, physical mail address, and order number within 30 days.

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