Thieves Know The Answer … and Think … “Ha! Ha! Ha!”

But They Hope That People Don’t know!





How Would You Like To Have The New Portable Deadbolt Cloak © ?

A Safety Device That Can Fit Inside Your Purse, Pocket, or Brief Case

And Can Zip Through Airport Security Anywhere in the World?


It Can Prevent A Deadbolt Lock From Being Unlocked In These Places:
Home – Apartment – Dorm – Hotel/Motel – Cruise Ship Cabin – Mobile Home – Time Share


In case you came here ready to obtain the product …

But would like to have a little more information First …

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MAIN FEATURES: The main features are that

Deadbolt Cloak ©   

  • Costs less than you can buy the proper materials and make it yourself.
  • Does NOT contain any buckles, rivets, screws, nuts, or bolts.
  • Does NOT leave any marks or holes in doors, walls, or door knobs.
  • Does NOT require any tools or equipment to apply OR remove.
  • Does NOT need any keys or electronic codes to use it.
  • Exceeds the performance capabilities of similar materials.
  • Is made of high quality Underwriter Lab tested (UL/fr) material.
  • Is NOT contain any metal products … and does not set off metal detectors.
  • Passes airport security in pockets, purses, briefcases.
  • Will work on electronic deadbolts that have an internal deadbolt latch.
  • Prevents electronic key codes from activating the deadbolt unlocking mechanism.


MAIN BENEFITS: The Deadbolt Cloak ©  provides these BENEFITS when properly applied to most deadbolts with thumb latches:

  • Can apply it to deadbolts in seconds.
  • Can remove it from deadbolts in seconds.
  • Can buy it from us much cheaper than you can find it yourself.
  • Easy to apply to deadbolt latches found in most places.
  • It is completely portable … and weighs less than  one-half ounce.
  • Can be used almost anywhere (except on Deadbolts with round knobs).
  • Do NOT have to keep up with any keys or codes because none are needed to use it.
  • Keeps you safe from door openings while you are inside your place.
  • Prevents deadbolt opening with ANY kind of keys, key cards, key codes, or lock picks.
  • Saves you a lot of money for the quality and protection you get … priceless!
  • Take it with you when you move to another home or apartment … or go on vacation.
  • Use in apartments, dorms, homes, motels, hotels, cruise ships, time-shares, mobile homes.

Plus,  if you are placing an order now, what is each customer paying and receiving?

  • ONE Deadbolt Cloak ©   … Discount Price: $29.95  (Original Price for one: $59.95)
  • Plus, TWO … FREE Deadbolt Cloak ©   (original value of $119.90)
  • FREE Shipping and handling anywhere in the USA (we absorb that cost, i.e. $9.95+)

So, then … the Total Charge is only $19.95for THREE Deadbolt Cloak ©, which includes FREE Shipping and Handling anywhere in the USA.

Note: See Money-Back Guarantee on last page below … before placing your order.


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Most Deadbolts are probably not secure at all … unless you have this portable device … called Deadbolt Cloak © . This portable device will zip right on through ANY airport security (i.e., it’s non-metallic) anywhere in the world … in your pocket, purse, or briefcase … and can be applied in 3 – 5 seconds without any tools of any kind (and does not use a key of any kind).

Why should you be interested in this portable security device … which you can use anywhere in the world that uses deadbolt locks on doors of any kind?

It’s because criminals have developed skills with duplicate keys, master keys, bump keys, your stolen keys, electronic key cards, lock picks, and other things most people have never even heard of … which allow them to get past your door’s deadbolt lock

Fortunately, there is a simple, portable device that can stop most criminals in their tracks … unless, or course, they break your door down.

Of course, if you are unconscious … and you want the fire department or police to get inside … they will usually break your door down anyway.

Where do most people want security?

They want it wherever they are … at Home; a Hotel or Motel; Apartment; Dorm; Mobile Home; RV; Cabin in the woods, and in many Cruise ship cabins. Hmm … wonder if anyone still has a key to that “Time-Share” you are vacationing in?

Most people trust in … and rely upon … a Deadbolt in many places. However, clever criminals have learned how to “out-fox” most deadbolt security devices.

This non-metallic device has no attachments of any kind … and does not use a key of any kind.

It can fit in your pocket, purse, or briefcase … and zips right through airport security around the world without a single “beep.” Plus … it does not cause any marks or damage of any kind when used.

For your information about FBI “Crime Clock Statistics:”

  • Murder every … 35 minutes
  • Rape every … 6 minutes *
  • Robbery every … 1.5 minutes
  • Vehicle Theft every … 40 seconds
  • Assault every … 39 seconds
  • Burglary every … 14 seconds
  • Larceny (theft) every … 5 seconds

* As of 2015, America led the world in rape cases with 124,047 cases … and that accounted for 53% of all the reported rape cases that occurred in the world combined!

For further information, click on the other tabs on the website … or … you can cut out the wait time and get it now at this link:

So, here is the final package deal. This is what each customer pays for … and receives:

  • ONE Deadbolt Cloak ©   … Discount Price: $19.95  (Original Price for one: $59.95)
  • Plus, TWO … FREE Deadbolt Cloak ©   (original value for two = $119.90)
  • FREE Shipping and handling anywhere in the USA (we absorb that cost, i.e. $9.95+)

So, then, the Total Charge for all THREE Deadbolt Cloak ©  … only $19.95 … and FREE Shipping and Handling anywhere in the USA.


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To comply with Safety Guidelines for Covid-19 and germ transmissions … this product is guaranteed to be Brand-New … and never used by anyone else because we cannot accept returns.

We do NOT offer a money-back guarantee on orders with free products and free shipping … BUT … we are adding Two Free Deadbolt Cloaks and FREE Shipping and Handling anywhere in the USA  with this offer.

We use it, and we know it works world-wide when used as described:  in homes, apartments, hotels, motels or wherever a deadbolt is used … and it has hundreds of other applications in addition to securing a deadbolt lock (i.e., for other applications of Velcro® Brand one-wrap straps).

In order to get a replacement for a lost or damaged product shipment … just send us your name, the physical mail address you used when placing your order, and the order number within 30 days.

Use this link:  Support@deadboltcloak.com