Installation Instructions Deadbolt Cloak ©



PORTABLE DEVICE: DEADBOLT CLOAK © (Name of  “process application” for the “Product”)


PROCESS INVENTOR (Note: not employed by any VELCRO ® Brand companies):

  • Mitchell L. Watrous, Jr.
  • Tampa, FL USA
  • Tutorial Installation Videos:  See below.


  • The material is a special VELCRO ® strap  which allows it to last longer with repeated applications.
  • This VELCRO ® Brand strap does not contain any buckles, screws, rivets, fasteners, or mounting hardware of any kind.
  • It will not leave any marks, holes, or any other property alterations on doors, knobs, or walls, which makes it perfect for apartments or other rental units where personal alterations of a property is prohibited.
  • It can be installed by a unique application (on left or right opening doors) and removed in seconds without any physical alterations to doors, units, or other attachments points.
  • When properly applied, a deadbolt lock cannot be unlocked with any type of key (i.e., master key, bump key, resident’s key) or any lock pick device used for turning the tumblers in a deadbolt to open it.



DEADBOLTS:    Deadbolts may have a variety of interior latches with different shapes. The clearance between the deadbolt latch and the deadbolt lock cover plate varies from one brand to another. Neither the shape of the deadbolt latch … nor the clearance between the deadbolt latch and the door … will prevent the application and function of this special type VELCRO ® strap.   (See Figures 1, 1a, 2 and 3 below.)

Figure 1: Deadbolt Cloak is portable Figure 1a: Deadbolt Cloak is metal-free

IMG 4369 300x200 - Installation Instructions Deadbolt Cloak ©
Deadbolt Cloak – No Metal

IMG 4368 300x200 - Installation Instructions Deadbolt Cloak ©
Portable Deadbolt Cloak



Figure 2: Deadbolt Lock Set (Full latch) Figure 3: Deadbolt Lock Set (Short latch)
Deadbol Capture Fig 2 300x211 - Installation Instructions Deadbolt Cloak © Deadbolt Capture Fig 3 300x209 - Installation Instructions Deadbolt Cloak ©



The VELCRO ® One-Wrap (i.e., the strap) is always applied BEHIND the latch for the part of the strap that goes down (or up) to the door knob or handle … and this is the side of the deadbolt latch that will resist being “turned or opened.”

Why? A Mechanical Engineer may use many principles of science, mathematics and physics to design and build functional entities that operate at a high level of complexity.

But, it may be surprising to learn that many things function best at a fundamental level described through the principle of Occam’s Razor … wherein, the simplest solution is often the best solution.

To answer the question about:  why the VELCRO ® One-Wrap is placed BEHIND the deadbolt latch … on the side of the latch that will resist being turned or opened … there are two basic fundamental, mechanical applications of physics to observe:  ­

  1. When properly applied, it is important to note that the locked deadbolt latch will resist being turned because of the One-Wrap VELCRO ® strap that is wrapped around it … regardless of the opening attempt (i.e., physicals keys, lock-picks, electronic pass cards or pass codes).
  2. If the deadbolt latch does turn a little bit, here is the important observation … as the deadbolt latch rotates … the other side of the latch will be “blocked” from further rotation and opening … by obstruction of the strap going down (or up) and being attached to the door knob or door handle.

­ Important Point to remember:  If the VELCRO ® One-Wrap is placed ON FRONT  of the deadbolt latch … guess what? The strap can slip right off the deadbolt latch … and the deadbolt can be opened. So … go ahead and try this out to prove it to yourself … before you find a stranger standing beside your bed in the dark.

Here are  a couple of short Tutorial Installation Videos that show how easy it is to correctly apply the portable Deadbolt Cloak ©:




After you watch the videos, take another look at the diagram below. This diagram will help to explain the important points in the Tutorial Videos above.

See example Model below: VELCRO ® One-Wrap correctly applied for a door opening from the left (i.e., just reverse the observations for a door opening from the right side.)

Capture Fig 13 - Installation Instructions Deadbolt Cloak ©

Deadbolt Cloak Notations from the illustration above:

*A – Top of latch resists rotation from Down-strap B which is wrapped around the door knob D

*B –  When properly installed, Down-strap B pulled tight around door knob D will not slip from dead bolt latch A.

*C – Bottom of latch B will be restricted by Down-strap B if it rotates that far (i.e., loose fit). Make sure strap application is snug.

*D – VELCRO ® One-Wrap strap wrapped around door knob D and then wrapped around Down-strap B to prevent slipping. ­

­Important Note to remember: Be sure to wrap the bottom end of the VELCRO ® One-Wrap strap around the “Down strap.”  DO NOT just wrap the end of the “Down strap” around and around the door hand. Why? Even though the strap will “stick itself together” … it can unravel if the deadbolt latch is turned. Wrapping the strap around itself … rather than around the door knob handle … is one of the main factors that prevents the VELCRO ® One-Wrap strap from slipping and allowing the deadbolt lock to be opened.

Use of the portable Deadbolt Cloak © may seem a little unusual at first because it does not have any rivets, screws, blots, buckles, holes, or any other hardware. However, when correctly applied it is nearly impossible to unlock a deadbolt with the Deadbolt Cloak © properly installed on it.

Follow the steps above to correctly install the Deadbolt Cloak ©. After a few practice applications the process becomes easier, faster, and simpler.

After several uses the Deadbolt Cloak © may become a little more pliable.  This will not affect the performance of the Deadbolt Cloak © when it is correctly installed.



MAIN FEATURES: The main Deadbolt Cloak © FEATURES are that it:

  • Costs less than you can buy the proper materials and make it yourself.
  • Does NOT contain any buckles, rivets, screws, nuts, or bolts.
  • Does NOT leave any marks or holes in doors, walls, or door knobs.
  • Does NOT require any tools or equipment to apply OR remove.
  • Does NOT need any type of key or electronic code to use it.
  • Exceeds the performance capabilities of similar materials.
  • Is made of high quality Underwriter Lab tested (UL/fr) material.
  • Is NOT contain any metal products … and does not set off metal detectors.
  • Passes airport security in pockets, purses, briefcases.
  • Will work on electronic deadbolts that have an internal deadbolt latch.
  • Prevents electronic key codes from activating the deadbolt unlocking mechanism.


MAIN BENEFITS: The Deadbolt Cloak ©provides these BENEFITS when properly applied to deadbolt thumb latches (the most common feature found on most deadbolts):

  • Can apply it to deadbolts in seconds.
  • Can remove it from deadbolts in seconds.
  • Can buy it from us much cheaper than you can find it yourself.
  • Easy to apply to deadbolt latches found in most places.
  • It is completely portable.
  • Do NOT have to keep up with any keys to use it.
  • Can be used almost anywhere (except on Deadbolts with round knobs).
  • Keeps you safe from door intrusions while you are inside your place.
  • Prevents deadbolt opening with ANY kind of keys, key cards, key codes, or lock picks.
  • Saves you a lot of money for the quality and protection you get.
  • Take it with you when you move to another home or apartment.
  • Use in apartments, dorms, homes, motels, hotels, cruise ships, time-shares, mobile homes.
  • Saves money on ammunition not wasted on scum-bags.


If you have not been offered the opportunity to purchase this product yet … here is some information for you:

So, here is the final package deal. This is what each customer pays for … and receives:

  • ONE Deadbolt Cloak © … Discount Price: $19.95  (Original Price for one: $59.95)
  • Plus, Two … FREE Deadbolt Cloaks © (original value for two = $119.90 @ $59.95)
  • FREE Shipping and handling anywhere in the USA (we absorb that cost, i.e. $9.95+)

So, then, the Total Charge for all THREE Deadbolt CLOAKs © … only $19.95 … which includes shipping and handling anywhere in the USA.


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MBG NOTICE 1 300x300 - Installation Instructions Deadbolt Cloak ©

To comply with Safety Guidelines for Covid-19 and germ transmissions … this product is guaranteed to be Brand-New … and never used by anyone else because we cannot accept returns.

We do not offer a money-back guarantee on orders with free products and free shipping … BUT … we are adding Two Free Deadbolt Guards and FREE Shipping and Handling anywhere in the USA.

We use it, and we know it works world-wide when used as described  in homes, apartments, hotels, motels or wherever a deadbolt is used … and it has hundreds of other applications in addition to securing a deadbolt lock.

In order to get a replacement for a lost or damaged product shipment … just send us your name, physical mail address, and order number within 30 days.

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Addendum: About the Inventor (Mitchell L Watrous, Jr.):

He is not a Mechanical Engineer. He has a BS degree from Roanoke College in Salem, VA and an M. Ed degree from Virginia Tech (i.e., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University) in Blacksburg, VA (and a few honorary doctorates from here and there).

He is a retired college professor, writer, inventor, amateur theoretical physicist, amateur theologian, hang glider pilot (and experimental aircraft A&P, builder/pilot), theoretical scientist, and a whole bunch of other stuff.

He started working on the Deadbolt Cloak ©, and using it,  over five years ago. He started patenting door safety devices almost 30 years ago (i.e., Doorbar, Patent No. 4,958,868, 09/25/1990).

He says that Imagination is the key to everything and for every new invention.  Thinking Outside the Box … or applying Critical Thinking  … are useless concepts unless filled in, and developed, with Imagination.