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Subject: How can you quickly secure your door lock safety?

Hello [NAME],

We see that you like some of the same Instagram home sites that we do … and we bet we have some common problems.

For example, we realize that there is still one major safety issue common to all our homes and apartments around the world … some unwanted people can still break in on us … and get away with it!

I am a retired college professor. My wife and I lived in places all over the world while teaching in 10 colleges and universities.

Increasing violence and crime make safety even more important now than ever … no matter where we are!

There is a unique, key-less, portable  door-safety solution … for apartments, dorms, homes, hotels, motels, and mobile homes. It is so small it can fit right inside your purse or pocket … and zips straight through airport security.

You can get an informative, new copyrighted  booklet (no charge or obligation) … for some amazing revelations about keeping yourself safe in your room … no matter where you live or visit worldwide.

Add first name and valid email address below for an instant 46-page information download  … without any obligation whatsoever.


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Peace and safety,


Prof. Mitchell L. Watrous

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