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You have made a wise decision for your own spatial protection.


When you receive your Deadbolt Cloak © product, the package should contain:

  • Three Deadbolt Cloaks © (special-type Velcro straps … just remove any Scotch tape)
    Note: These special-type straps may be colored red-on-black or black-on-black …
    but they will still be the same special type of production material.
  • Written Information with images about the Installation process (1 PAGE)
  • Links to several short videos showing how to properly install your product 


  1. Due to the popularity of this product … we may occasionally encounter back-orders on the special Velcro ®
    used for the product.
  2. So … please be patient. We have two suppliers of this product … but sometimes the manufacturers might get a little
    bit behind on production.
  3. If you have not received your order within 30 days … please let us know … because there may be some problem other
    than a back-order.
  4. Also, be aware … if PayPal encounters a problem with a buyer’s credit/payment method … they will issue a note
    for us … DO NOT SHIP the product.
  5. Each of these product orders is shipped with a USPS tracking number that will assist us in finding any unusual
    shipping problems.
  6. In order to get a replacement for a lost order … just send us your name with the SAME physical mail address you
    used when placing the order, and the order number (… within 30 days). We will check the tracking number to
    find out where the order was delivered. We will still have your tracking number … linked to the shipping address
    you used … and will be able to find out where it went.
  7. If you have any installation questions … or cannot find installation videos … please contact us at this address: 


    Again:  Thank you very much for your order. We hope it will soon be on its way to you … and we thank you for
    your patience with any back-orders.

    Use this link for all communications about this product: