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Absolutely Prevent Anyone’s Keycard From Opening Your Motel Door


Get the  DEADBOLT CLOAK©  … MOTEL CLOAK … and Protect Yourself in Your Hotel or Motel … or little cabin in the woods.

You Can Absolutely Prevent Anyone’s Key or Electronic Keycard From Opening Your Motel Door or The Deadbolt.

Most people think that hotel and motel doors with their electronic key cards are quite safe … but they are really easy to open with an electronic pass-key card … such as the “master-pass-key” cards that the housekeeping staff use.

Here is what tricks most people. One of them goes out to run an errand while the other remains in the room and with the deadbolt locked.

When the other person returns to the room and inserts their electronic keycard … guess what happens?

They cannot open the door when the deadbolt is locked on the inside. The other person in the room has to go over and unlock the deadbolt.

Most people do not realize that those deadbolts are operated by a battery which can be activated to open when the pass-key card is inserted into the slot.

Why can’t a person open their own motel or hotel room deadbolt from the outside?

It is because their room key card is not configured to open their room door when the deadbolt is locked inside … but the house keeping “master key card” contains a code that electronically activates the room deadbolt lock to open it right away.

But,  you still should use the DEADBOLT CLOAK©  because “outsiders”  may still be able to use “sneaky tricks” to get into your room without your permission.

However, there are still many other clever ways that someone can sneak back into your living space when you are there … and you do not want them inside … because hotels and motels worldwide do not all have electronic key cards.

For example, some of the hotels and motels worldwide still use metal keys instead of electronic key card … and those doors can still be opened with these:

  • Bump Keys
  • Copy of your keys
  • Lock Picks (any kind)
  • Master Keys
  • Screw Drivers
  • Electronic Digital Key Codes (if present)
  • Pass Key Cards (if present)


We originally valued this portable door security device at $59.95 because of its very large worldwide application.

However, we discovered that  many who need this protection the most are the ones who can least afford to pay that price … even though, protection and security are priceless at any cost.

So, then… we discounted the price to only $19.95 each.

Then, we thought, “What if they have two doors with deadbolts … like a front door and a back door?”

Realizing that was probably true for most people … we added a DEADBOLT CLOAK©  strap for FREE.

But … still thinking, we thought a little more, “What if they put a DEADBOLT CLOAK©  on the front and back doors … and then leave through an attached garage door.

That means that they will not have a DEADBOLT CLOAK©  left if they are going on vacation and staying in a motel or hotel … somewhere else in the world.

So, then we added another DEADBOLT CLOAK©  strap for FREE … and now … everyone will get two additional FREE DEADBOLT CLOAK© .

We thought some more and asked ourselves if there was anything else we could do to help people save money and still be able to get the DEADBOLT CLOAK©  (THREE of them!).

It occurred to us that some vendors often rake in more cash by charging “extra” on the shipping and handling (i.e., $4.95, $5.95, $9.95, etc.).

We agreed, “Let’s go one step further … and just ship these three DEADBOLT CLOAK©  for FREE in the USA!”

So, the customer will not have to pay for shipping and handling fees anywhere in the USA!

OK, then, what is the final offer? What is each customer paying and receiving?

  • One DEADBOLT CLOAK©  ($19.95)
  • TWO FREE DEADBOLT CLOAK© (no charge)
  • Shipping & handling (about $9.95) anywhere in the world (FREE)
  • Original value about $190.00 for everything with S&H included.

So, then, the Total Charge for all THREE DEADBOLT CLOAK©  … only $19.95 … with FREE Shipping and Handling anywhere in the USA.

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To comply with Safety Guidelines for Covid-19 and germ transmissions … this product is guaranteed to be Brand-New … and never used by anyone else because we cannot accept returns.

We do not offer a money-back guarantee on orders with free products and free shipping … BUT … we are adding Two Free Deadbolt Guards and FREE Shipping and Handling anywhere in the USA with this offer.

We use it, and we know it works world-wide when used as described  in homes, apartments, hotels, motels or wherever a deadbolt is used … and it has hundreds of other applications in addition to securing a deadbolt lock.

In order to get a replacement for a lost or damaged product shipment … just send us your name, physical mail address, and order number within 30 days.

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