Deadbolt Cloak ©

Introducing The Portable DEADBOLT CLOAK ©  


Would You Like To Have The New Portable Safety Device
That Can Fit Inside Your Purse, Pocket, or Brief Case
And Zips Through Airport Security Anywhere!

Can Prevent A Deadbolt From Being Unlocked In All These Places:
Home – Apartment – Dorm – Motel – Cruise Ship – Mobile Home

Portable: Just Put It In Your Pocket … Use It Anywhere In The World!



Why would anyone even want

One of these Deadbolt Cloaks ©

Maybe this short video will answer that question:



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Are you ready for a new level of security on a door’s deadbolt wherever you are … on any door in the world that has one … such as?

  • Apartments
  • College Dorms
  • Cruise Ship Cabins
  • Homes
  • Hotel or Motels
  • Mobile Homes – Travel Trailers – RV’s


Why would anyone want to make sure that the deadbolt on their door is actually secure (i.e., home, apartment, dorm, cruise ship, motel, mobile home, etc.)?

Consider the following statistics by the FBI “Crime Clock Statistics” to see how frequently certain crimes occurs:

  • Murder every … 35 minutes
  • Rape every … 6 minutes *
  • Robbery every … 1.5 minutes
  • Vehicle Theft every … 40 seconds
  • Assault every … 39 seconds
  • Burglary every … 14 seconds
  • Larceny (theft) every … 5 seconds


* As of 2015, America led the world in rape cases with 124,047 cases … and that accounted for 53% of all the reported rape cases in the world combined! That is not surprising … since 60% of the world’s porn sites are hosted in America … with increasing hardcore themes of sadomasochism with hatred and humiliation.

Then ask yourself, “Who can unlock my unprotected deadbolt … at home, at school, on vacation, or wherever there is a deadbolt on the door in any room I am in?”

There is a myth that the deadbolt is the ultimate defense against anyone getting a door open (i.e., key-card instead of a key … ha! ha! ha! … that one is really easy to get past).

However,  a deadbolt can be made almost impenetrable with a correctly installed Deadbolt Cloak ©. Plus, it will zip right through airport security or in any security checkpoint in the world.

What is the Deadbolt Cloak ©?  Here are two photos of it … a  “special” VELCRO Strap held in your  hand, and one with it rolled up in your hand.

IMG 4368 300x200 - Deadbolt Cloak ©
Deadbolt Cloak © Rolled Up

Surprised! Looks like a piece of  wrap-around VELCRO ® Brand, called ONE-WRAP ®, doesn’t it?

Well, almost … Except … it is a special, patented type of VELCRO ® Brand material. This special type of Velcro ® is not usually available in local retail stores … and is almost always obtained only by special order.

Weighs less that one-half ounce. Roll it up and put it in your pocket,  purse or briefcase … and zip right on through airport security.


Does not contain any kind of metals, rivets, buckles, or any other attachments. It is just a special composition and right size VELCRO ® Brand One-Wrap strap … and an ingenious attachment method.

Several years ago, a retired college professor invented an ingenious method of applying this product to a door’s deadbolt that makes it virtually impossible to open the deadbolt lock with anything (i.e., any kind of master key, bump-key, original key, lock pick, screwdriver, or anything else that could cause a lock tumbler to rotate to open a door).

He tested several types and sizes of VELCRO ® … and while many failed … the particular VELCRO ® Brand configuration presented here worked on every deadbolt tested. (Note: The deadbolt used must have a latch … NOT a knob.)

This particular VELCRO® does not have any buckles, rivets, holes, or anything else on it.

It is just a “special” type of VELCRO®  strap … which is used in an ingenious way to prevent a deadbolt lock from being opened when correctly applied.

It is a bona fide VELCRO ® Brand product … and NOT a knock-off. Many Velcro knock-offs tested did not pass my requirements for test success.

Here is a picture of the VELCRO ® Brand product quickly installed on a motel room door deadbolt.

IMG 4328 300x200 - Deadbolt Cloak ©
Deadbolt Cloak © – Motel Door

Note: VELCRO owns the Trademark ® for the device … but the inventor has Copyrighted © the descriptions and videos for applying (i.e., the application process) the VELCRO strap to a deadbolt that has a latch.

This VELCRO ® strap will work on any door anywhere in the world that uses a deadbolt that has a latch that can open and lock a door from the inside (and that can be opened and closed from the outside with a key, key-card, or other electronic device or signal).

To protect your deadbolts, you can have more safety behind closed doors if you secure them correctly with the Deadbolt Cloak ©. Yes … there is a right way and a wrong way to apply the Deadbolt Cloak ©… but I show exactly how this is done.

The Deadbolt Cloak © can stop almost anyone … who has a master key, a copy of your key, a lock pick set, a bump key, or numerous other tricks to bypass your dead bolt lock … when the Deadbolt Cloak © is correctly positioned.  Obviously, no type of lock is going to prevent some brute from knocking the door down.

Maybe you have a house or apartment that others had before you … and they still have a key they “forgot” to pass on. Oh yeah … there are a lot of people with bad memories … except they seem to remember which lock the keys fit.

Maybe you have an ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend, ex- lover, ex-spouse or former resident who still has a key … and you don’t want them getting back into your place.

The Deadbolt Cloak © is a small, new attractive device that will stop anyone dead in their tracks from unlocking your dead bolt when properly applied. You can even carry it around in your purse, pocket, glove box, or briefcase.

No lock smith on earth has anything in their bag of tricks that will let them unlock your dead bolt when you have this device properly installed.

You can virtually STOP ANYONE from unlocking your deadbolt. However, wouldn’t you be able to hear it if they use sledge hammers, drills, battering rams, or “super kicks” to break your door open?

You can simply and easily install this small, attractive VELCRO ® Brand strap device on most deadbolt latches anywhere in the world without any other tools or accessories.

The Deadbolt Cloak © does NOT contain any attachments or anything else that can mark or deface any property where any deadbolt is installed … and it does NOT contain any attachments at all (i.e., no buckles, rivets, or anything else at all).

Therefore, you do not need permission from any property owner (ship or business)  anywhere in order for you to use this device on a deadbolt to protect yourself … because it does not mark or deface the deadbolt or the door.

Various organizations collect crime statistics that indicate breaking and entering is on the rise. With the flood of illegal aliens, and the dwindling USA job markets, the crime rates for home intrusions are already on the rise. In a few years they will probably soar.

Here are just a few of the FBI crime statistics that thieves use for breaking and entering a home or apartment:

  • 34% Front Door
  • 23% First-Floor Window
  • 22%Back Door
  • 9%   Garage
  • 4%   Basement
  • 4%   Unlocked Entrance
  • 2%   Second Floor
  • 2%   Storage Area


Notice that 56% of all break-ins occur through the front door (34%) and the back door (22%).

If you are at home, and have this device properly installed on your deadbolt, you could potentially prevent most intruders from entering your home or apartment to rob, rape, or kill you.

When do you want the most protection from break-ins?

Most people will say that they want to feel secure WHEN they are at home … or in a “secure” room somewhere else in the world.

Someone may break in when you’re not there, but they can’t hurt you when you are not there. But they can’t get in by unlocking your deadbolt when you are in your home (or room) if you have the deadbolt properly guarded with the Deadbolt Cloak ©.

When do most break-ins occur? Sixty percent of burglaries occur during daylight hours.

This is a time when most thieves think that many people will be away from home working, shopping, or doing other errands.

However, this is also the time when many women are home alone.

Many of them are work-at-home moms or they could have just finished working a second or third shift at their job. Now they are at home alone or with small children … or maybe in bed resting.

The worst thing in the world is to wake up and find some unknown person standing right there beside your bed.  If this happens at night it could be heart-stopping. If it happens during the day in could still be just as terrifying.

Almost as bad is to discover someone has opened your door and sneaked in to steal your stuff or commit sexual offenses against you or your children. Even worse is that someone has sneaked in to commit physical violence or murder.

Photo of installed  Deadbolt Cloak ©

IMG 4256 2017 09 02 21 28 08 UTC 300x200 - Deadbolt Cloak ©
Deadbolt Cloak © Applied

The photo above shows the Deadbolt Cloak © installed on a display. When a customer purchases the Deadbolt Cloak © they will receive additional instructions with photos as well as directions see a video installation.

If someone puts a key into your deadbolt lock … when you have the Deadbolt Cloak © properly installed … and twists with all their might (or with a pair of pliers), the only thing they will accomplish is to break the key or other device.

The deadbolt will remain securely locked if the Deadbolt Cloak © has been properly applied to the deadbolt latch.

Since the Deadbolt Cloak © is not operated with a key, it cannot be opened with a key or any other device used to turn locking mechanisms inside the deadbolt lock.

How big is the Deadbolt Cloak © … what will it look like on my door … and how long does it take to install it?

Depending on the type and size of the deadbolt on the door … and after a little practice … it can take most people 3 to 7 seconds to “put it on” the deadbolt.

What price can be placed on physical safety? On loss of life or property? On prevention of rape of women, children, and also men?

This little device could be worth hundreds or thousands of dollars. How much value can be placed on a life saved by preventing an intruder? Priceless!

As of 2015, America led the world in rape cases with 124,047 cases … and that accounted for 53% of all the reported rape cases in the entire world combined!

Not surprising … since 60% of the world’s porn sites are hosted in America … and most of it also has increasing hardcore themes of sadomasochism with hatred and humiliation. There is a proverb that says a man is as he thinks in his heart (Proverbs 23:7) … and that goes for women, too.

We want to make this product affordable to everyone who feels the need for additional door safety and security.

Some folks pointed out that many people have dead bolts on a front door, a back door, and a door that opens into their garage. We know that many customers want the maximum protection they can get.

We are also very much interested in customers obtaining all the protection they can get at the lowest price possible with this ingenious portable, door-safety device.

Don’t worry! We are not going to try to take advantage of people just because this product is so useful and versatile.

No. We are not going to charge triple digit prices either.

See each section on the website for further details and purchase options … and we think you will be pleasantly surprised with your options … such as FREE Shipping and Handling anywhere in the USA.

That’s not all. These units are very easy to install … because you do not need any tools at all to install or remove it … and it does NOT leave any marks behind when used and removed.

Perhaps you have a child away at college who could use one. According to crime statistics, college-age women are 4 times more likely to be raped than other females.

If they have a standard dead bolt on their dorm doors,  college officials cannot prevent using it because the VELCRO ® One-Wrap strap does not leave any marks or damage at all.

Who knows how many copies of dead bolt keys are made by students or former residents who may use them later … and how many former students or residents “forgot” to turn in their keys?

Oh … and what “if” they forgot something and have to return to their “old” room that now belongs to you!

We originally valued this Deadbolt Cloak ©  portable door security device … at $59.95 because of its wide-spread international application to various deadbolt locks almost everywhere in the world … and unique application process with the use of any keys.

Because of its unique, non-metallic composition … and its 5 – 7 second application and removal strategy … it does not require a key nor a code of any type to use it. It zips straight through airport security in your pocket or briefcase.

However, even though protection and security are priceless at any cost … we discovered that many who need this valuable, personal protection the most … are the ones who can least afford to pay that price

So, then… we discounted the price to only $19.95 … and we thought that was a really good deal.

But,  then we thought, “What if they have two doors with deadbolts (i.e., like a front door and a back door)?”  Hmm … that would cost $59.85 if purchased separately … and that would be a lot of money.

So, then we added one Deadbolt Cloak © strap for FREE. Yeah!!! What a deal … we thought.

My wife is smarter than I am … and she said, “What if they go out through their garage door and use both of their Deadbolt Cloaks © for their home or apartment protection … (i.e., front and back doors) … while they are gone?

“Then, they don’t have any Deadbolt Cloaks © to use on hotels, motels, cruise ships, time-shares, condos, and places like that when they go on vacation anywhere else in the world!”

That seemed reasonable … so I said, “OK, we can give them another one for FREE.”

My wife is so smart. She added, “You better make that two more for FREE.

“They might be in a place where they need two Deadbolt Cloaks ©.

“For example, like a cabin in the woods or other place (i. e., hotel or motel or cruise ship) that also has adjoining rooms with a door and deadbolt door latch between them.”

I was not saying anything … just sitting there, calculating … when my wife interrupted my thinking by saying … “Do you love me?”

I enthusiastically bobbed my head … and started to speak … when she interrupted me and said, “Great! Then you can add FREE Shipping and Handling anywhere in the USA , too!”

It occurred to me that some vendors often earn more money by charging “extra” on the shipping and handling charges (i.e., $5.95, $7.95, $9.95, etc.) … but we decided to give our customers a break and absorb the Shipping & Handling charges ourselves.

OK, then, what is the final offer? What is each customer paying and receiving?

  • One Deadbolt CLOAK ($19.95)
  • TWO FREE Deadbolt CLOAK’s (no charge)
  • Shipping & handling (about $9.95+) anywhere in the world (FREE)
  • (Note: Original cost would be about $190 (At $59.95 each) plus S&H.

But, we want to help people. The total Charge for all THREE Deadbolt CLOAKs ©  … is only $19.95 … and that includes FREE Shipping and Handling anywhere in the USA.

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MBG NOTICE 1 300x300 - Deadbolt Cloak ©



To comply with Safety Guidelines for Covid-19 and germ transmissions … this product is guaranteed to be Brand-New … and never used by anyone else because we cannot accept returns.

We do not offer a money-back guarantee on orders with free products and free shipping and handling … BUT … we are adding Two Free Deadbolt Cloaks and FREE Shipping and Handling anywhere in the USA with this offer.

We use it, and we know it works world-wide when used as described  in homes, apartments, hotels, motels or wherever a deadbolt is used … and it has hundreds of other applications in addition to securing a deadbolt lock.

In order to get a replacement for a lost or damaged product shipment … just send us your name, physical mail address, and order number within 30 days.

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